OK, I admit it, I was rooting for the Irishman rather than the Australian, out of pure national solidarity, so I was gleefully happy at the outcome.

But also, since the guy who chose Philip K Dick as his specialised subject crashed and burned, the choice was between Father Ted and Vermeer. No choice at all, really.

By the way, did anyone else notice John Humphreys’ astrophysical slip of the tongue? He asked about “Kor M” stars, pronouncing it “core emm” rather than “K or M” which is presumably what the question should have been (the answer was “red dwarfs“).

PS – , were you subtitling this one? I thought it was a good piece of work. (Neither of us is hearing impaired, but we do have loud children, so tend to put the subtitles on.)

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  1. It’s the Wifi Sleep Policy you’re looking for. “After 15 min” is the setting I’ve used. Sorry for lack of clarity there.

    (Sadly there’s no easy way to get Android to disconnect from 3G that I know of, since you’re correct, 3G is also a huge power hog.)

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