Well, a veritable feast this evening, with not one but two subjects which I am fascinated by.

The woman who chose Buffy was very very good on the first round, and at half way was joint first on 15 points. She then let the side down badly, I felt, by insisting that the great thing about Buffy is that the show makes vampires look interesting. Silly old me, watching it for the humans. Despite this she made a creditable recovery and lost by only one point.

The bloke who chose Eleanor of Aquitaine got noticeably harder questions, I thought, but was also not very good at answering them. He got confused between William the Marshall and Hubert Walter, not a good sign, and was way behind in fourth place after the first round. He didn’t do too badly on general knowledge but it was too late.

(The winner was the guy who chose the Diggers. I’ve read The World Turned Upside Down so I knew a little about them but that was years ago.)

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