May Books 12) Doctor Who and the State of Decay

12) Doctor Who and the State of Decay, by Terrance Dicks

This is Dicks’ novelisation of his own script for the 1980 Fourth Doctor story featuring Romana, K9, Adric (who stowed away on the Tardis at the end of the previous story) and vampires. Suffers from the usual problems of the novelisations – too much reliance on dialogue in particular, and Dicks’ rather flat prose. Still I remembered a couple of vivid moments from the series – the high-tech destruction of the Great Vampire by the Doctor, and also the rather clumsily written moment where Adric attempts to assure Romana that he’s on her side – weakened the dramatic impact drastically as I remember, though perhaps that was the fault of Matthew Waterhouse’s acting. I had forgotten that the Doctor found the key piece of information on magnetic data disks left by Rassilon in every Tardis just in case. Good nostalgia, though I really read it as preparation for the two sequels.

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