May Books 14) [Doctor Who] Blood Harvest

14) [Doctor Who] Blood Harvest, by Terrance Dicks

A sequel to State of Decay, published in 1994, featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace, Bernice Summerfield, a guest appearance from Romana, a Dashiell Hammett private eye, more vampires, and conspiring Time Lords back on Gallifrey (reference is also made to The Five Doctors). Very interesting to see what Terrance Dicks could do once liberated from the novelisation format. Here we have the Doctor and Ace running a speakeasy in Al Capone’s Chicago, while Bernice and Romana return to the planet of State of Decay (now mysteriously easier to get to – it is only towards the end of the book that someone remembers that it is in E-Space – and with a much larger population) to check on the return of vampirism there. Bernice’s attempts to bring British parliamentary democracy to the peasants and aristos may not bear immediate fruit. It all hangs together remarkably well, though, with only a few lapses of prose that reminded me, ah yes, this is by Terrance Dicks. (The private eye character gets a few first-person sections of narrative, though otherwise we are in standard omniscient narrator territory.) Good fun.

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