May Books 21) Fall Out, by Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore

I knew the names of Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore from their excellent essays on Doctor Who, so I hoped very much that this book, subtitled “the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to The Prisoner“, would be up to the same standards. I’m glad to say it’s the best of the four books I’ve read about the show, with decent analytical essays about each story (which run out of steam slightly around episode 10, but get their second wind by episode 13). They also have good pieces on the origin and sources, including a measured take on the different stories of how it was made garnered from participants, and a decent explanation of Danger Man. The Carrazé/Oswald book looks nicer but this is much more interesting.

And I have to give Telos, the publishers, fair credit; I have no complaints about the production and editing of this volume, unlike some of their other efforts.

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  1. Maybe not quite what you meant but episodes in TH White’s Once and Future King spring to mind. Eg when Sir Grummore and Sir Pellinore fight they start talking in cod-Malory. I think Grummore corrects Pellinore’s grammar.

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