May Books 23) Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded, by John Scalzi

This is a compilation of Scalzi’s writing from his blog, essentially a set of rants and thought pieces on various subjects. I only became aware of his blog when I featured on it myself, but his writing is entertaining (more than his fiction, for my taste). Some of his pieces are very memorable – my favourites were his funny pieces on Scooby Doo and cheese (sadly neither is archived online), and his more thoughtful pieces on poverty and Richard Dawkins. (Links provided so that you can decide if you want to read any more, given that I thought these were the best.) I expect this will win the Hugo Award for Best Related Book this year, though as I’ve said my own vote will be going elsewhere.

One thought on “May Books 23) Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded, by John Scalzi

  1. which the author kindly translates for us
    But what has he translated it into? He’s either translated it poorly into Early Modern English, which is what it reads like, and which an editor should have corrected, or he’s translated into a made-up language which is not Early Modern English, but is similar enough to strike readers as being Early Modern English done wrong.

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