Media pieces by or about me

Croatian panel debate with two MEPs – the 1.2.2014 edition, starting about 1 minute in.

Serbia’s EU talks, Voice of Russia interview, 22/1/2014, starting 10 minutes in.

Interview on Belfast electoral changes, The Detail, 2/5/2013

Profile of me in Brussel Nieuws (in Dutch, nice picture), 9/3/2013

Comment to Tim Judah of Reuters on UK influence in Europe, 24/1/2013

My profile of disabled Irish political leader Arthur McMurrough Kavanagh for the BBC’s Disability History Month, 6/12/2012

Voice of Russia interview on EU policy in the Balkans, 1/11/2012

Northern Ireland opinion poll analysis by me, Belfast Telegraph, 16/6/2012

Born to be an alien, my profile of Tom Baker’s role in Doctor Who, 29/12/2010

Diplomats for hire, profile of Independent Diplomat in Global Post, 12/4/2010

Two pieces on electoral reform for the BBC, 11/5/2010 and 13/11/2011

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  1. Happy birthday to B – I hope she still likes where she is and that U joins her there and is also happy there…

    As for the rest – interesting and enlightening…Good luck.

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