Missile Gap, by Charles Stross

Second paragraph of third chapter:

The comrade colonel laughs uneasily. He’s forty-three and still slim and boyish-looking, but carries a quiet melancholy around with him like his own personal storm cloud. “I was very busy all the time,” he says with a self-deprecating little shrug. “I didn’t have time to pay attention to myself. One orbit, it only lasted ninety minutes, what did you expect? If you really want to know, Gherman’s the man to ask. He had more time.”

It’s 1976, and fourteen years ago, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the entire planet Earth and all its inhabitants were transported to a huge flat surface, extending for many millions of mile/kilometres in all directions. New worlds can be found further out by adventurous explorers. The story separately follows Yuri Gagarin, Carl Sagan, and a young woman colonist of the new worlds trying to make sense of the new universe. The path is dark and so is the ending. Memorable chills down the spine! You can get it here.

This was my top unread book acquired in 2013. Next on that list is The Sound of his Horn, by Sarban.

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  1. Ok, having gone and read the spoiler, I’m struggling to believe anyone wouldn’t spot that coming a mile off… But maybe that’s because I’m a roleplayer!

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