One thought on “Molvania

  1. Astonished by the love for Good Omens, which I was very disappointed by. But I m not a great Pratchett fan (I voted for The Colour Of Magic, mostly for its first section in which he nails Fritz Lieber beautifully; he was more successful as a pastichist, IMHO, than as his own writer but I realise I am in a tiny minority on that). Gaiman, I went for the beautiful Stardust; I like Neverwhere as well (which I seem to have lost in novel form, somehow, but have in graphic novel and have seen in TV form). American Gods has some excelletn parts but overall is too meandering and unstructured, courtesy of its too-passive MC, and Anansi Boys didn’t entirely work for me (in particular with Daisy, who felt utterly cardboard). I honestly feel Gaiman is a better comics than prose writer.

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