Monty Python

Well now, the result of last week’s competition when we asked you to find a derogatory term for the Belgians. Well, the response was enormous and we took quite a long time sorting out the winners.

There were some very clever entries. Mrs Hatred of Leicester Said ‘let’s not call them anything, let’s just ignore them’ … (applause starts vigorously, but he holds his hands up for silence)

… and a Mr St John of Huntingdon said he couldn’t think of anything more derogatory than Belgians. (cheers and applause; a girl in showgirl costume comes on and holds up placards through next bit)

But in the end we settled on three choices: number three … the Sprouts (placard ‘The Sprouts’), sent in by Mrs Vicious of Hastings… very nice ;

number two….. the Phlegms (placard) … from Mrs Childmolester of Worthing;

but the winner was undoubtedly from Mrs No-Supper-For-You from Norwood in Lancashire… Miserable Fat Belgian Bastards. (placard; roar of applause)

Very good – thank you, Carol. (Carol exits)

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  1. ps but I’d have voted for the football episode, so you can mock me!

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