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Trajkovski Didn’t Call Danish Singer to Perform

“President Trajkovski has never had a contact with Sani Carlson, alias Whigfield, whose interview was published in the Maxim magazine. This is a completely made-up event which is insulting for the President and the members of his family”, they say in the President’s Cabinet in relation to the claims of the Danish pop star that the Macedonian president wanted to see her breasts. The Cabinet says that the Macedonian Embassy in London is undertaking activities for pressing charges against the magazine for publishing lies.

The daily Vest writes that Whigfield performed in Skopje in October 1999 as part of the presidential campaign of Vasil Tupurkovski. Tupurkovski says that he saw the singer after the last campaign rally and shook hands with her and her managers before she left Macedonia. “I don’t know who she is referring to in the interview. I have never been a president nor do I have a presidential palace and I know who Samantha Fox is from her videos”, Tupurkovski stated for the daily.

It is still not known who was the president who asked Whigfield to bare her breasts.

Sources: Vest, Utrinski Vesnik, A1 TV (30 December 2003)

Well, I think that solves the mystery. Tupurkovski’s denials have a ring of desperation about them (“I know who Samantha Fox is from her videos”); I’d certainly see him as a much more likely central character for this story than Trajkovski or Gligorov, and while he may not have a palace per se he was certainly doing a lot of construction with the slush money he got from Taiwan in 1999. And I can understand Whigfield being confused about the difference between a president and a candidate. Let’s be charitable and assume it was one of Tupurkovski’s aides having a little joke.

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