More travels

Back from Moldova safely, but more travels loom. I go to the Hague for the afternoon today, and then tomorrow evening go to Belfast for a conference – Belfast folks please give me a shout if you'd like to meet up (best is text to mobile phone, see my contact details) though I'm not yet sure of my timetable on Wednesday night; back here on Thursday; then we have visitors over the weekend for U's christening; then to Portugal for a work meeting from Wednesday to Sunday of next week. Tiring but usually fun.

One thought on “More travels

  1. As someone who used to be tangentially involved with rail operations, I’m not entirely unsympathetic with Mr Maes’ position. It is a bugger trying to get connections to work and you generally work with trying to cause inconvenience to the least number of passengers. Does SNCB have a minimum connection time policy? In GB (I can’t speak for NIR) if there’s less than a five minute gap between trains (unless there’s a different figure quoted for a particular station) then it’s not an official connection and passengers have no comeback. That said, presumably the old timetable worked reasonably well, and it’s clear SNCB need to improve their customer service!

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