Ms. Marvel Vol 2: Generation Why, by G. Willow Wilson

I voted for the first volume of this series for last year's Hugos, along with 1728 others, so I had reasonably high hopes for this which weren't quite realised. In particular, once we've got past the rather different background of Kamala Khan as superhero, we're down to fairly standard sorts of adventure in the sewers and streetscapes of New Jersey, and a crossover adventure with Wolverine (well-known, but not to me). I also found the shift between two different artists mid-story very jarring. I still liked it well enough, and it will probably get one of my Hugo nominations, but I'm still much more likely to vote for either The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage or The Sculptor.

One thought on “Ms. Marvel Vol 2: Generation Why, by G. Willow Wilson

  1. Both of those details struck me… One of a number of cameo winks, I suspect. I’ve just noted who is playing [redacted] and I couldn’t see it at first, then saw a photo of the actor and get it.

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