My Hugo and #RetroHugos1941 votes: Art categories – No Award, No Award and Margaret Brundage

I did some due diligence and research while nominating for these categories, and it was all for nothing as far as the 2016 Hugos went, because the slate swept nine places out of ten.

For Best Professional Artist for 2016, I nominated the following:

Anne Sudworth
Julie Dillon
David Hardy
Fiona Staples

None of these made the final ballot; all five of those who did were supported by the slate. I’m therefore voting No Award in this category and leaving it at that.

For Best Fan Artist for 2016, I nominated the following:

Andy Bigwood
Chris Moore
Jane Stewart
Margaret Walty
Keith Scaife

I did not expect any of them to make it to the ballot, to be honest. But the fact is that four of the five artists who did end up as finalists were supported by the slate. Applying the Matt Foster principle, that if we have only one non-slate finalist in a category we are still allowing it to be decided by the slate, I’m therefore voting:

1) No Award
2) Steve Stiles (whose art has never much appealed to me anyway, to be honest)

And that’s it.

For Best Professional Artist for 1941, I nominated the following:

Virgil Finlay
Margaret Brundage
Hubert Rogers

All three of them made the final ballot, along with:

Hannes Bok
Edd Cartier
Frank R. Paul

These are all worthy finalists. My votes are as follows, with representative art:

1) Margaret Brundage

2) Edd Cartier

3) Hubert Rogers

4) Frank R. Paul

5) Hannes Bok

6) Vergil Finlay

7) No Award

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