My revised Worldcon schedule

Thursday 6:00pm
The Digital Divide

Christopher Rowe
Don Sakers
Renee Sieber (M)

Are we rushing to build a web-enabled society that disenfranchises those unable or unwilling to adopt the online lifestyle? Governments justify the push for e-services on the basis of cost savings, but even aside from privacy considerations, what are the implications for those happy with society as it is?

Friday 11:00am
The High Frontiersmen

Keith DeCandido (M)
Ken MacLeod

Is it inevitable that space will become the next battleground for geopolitics?

Friday 1:00pm
Dr. Who Retrospective: The Best Years

Chris M Barkley
Paul F. Cockburn
Paul Cornell (M)
Kathryn Sullivan

What were the best years of Dr. Who? While part of the discussion can include “who made the best Doctor,” it goes beyond that. Which years had the best scripts? The best set-ups (e.g, comparing the UNIT years with the more free-wheeling years with the years that included major arcs).

Saturday 10:00am
The Fracturing of the UK: is British politics too broken to stay together?

James Lovegrove
Ian R. Macleod

UK politics and race, class, geography, and changing poltiical alignments

Saturday 11:00am
Byzantium at our Borders in the 21st century: the Future of Europe.

Keith Brooke
Jon Courtenay Grimwood
Patrick J. Gyger
Harry Turtledove

Would we have needed a different past to have a different future? What would be the consequences if “recognition of Europe’s Christian heritage” is inserted into the constitution.

Sunday 10:00am
Is the American Empire on the Verge of Collapse?

Ken MacLeod

Lawrence Person (M)

(No explanatory text!)

Monday 11:00am
The World We are Making Now: Politics

John-Henri Holmberg
Klaus Mogensen
Caroline Mullan (M)

Today’s adults are setting the stage for the next half-century. Our careers, our causes, and the decisions we take now will determine both has power half a century hence and what they will use that power to do. What kind of world is being made now?

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1 Response to My revised Worldcon schedule

  1. stina_leicht says:

    i find it ironic that a sports reporter has taken leadership in american political commentary. that kind of says it all.

    on one hand, i’m glad olbermann is making equally loud noises against all the panicked screaming from the right. however, i’d much prefer it if we had more calm reasoning in the political arena than knee-jerk reactions and fear-mongering.

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