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  1. I can’t seem to sign on as me, it’s AnnaFDD here.

    I went on a King binge when I discovered him in the nineties, and he is most definitely a very good writer. The characterisation of Shining is not an isolated incident. If you want big canvas done well, try It. Or, for another outstanding example of intense, focused and merciless, Cujo.
    I tend to like his less supernatural stuff more than his more supernatural one. Pet Semetry, which will spook you out of your mind, I don’t like so much.
    I’ve stopped reading him at one point, after about The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon ( which if very good). Not sure why. The books became longer and longer and less disciplined. I never finished The Stand though, mostly because I was having a bad cold when I started it, and, uhm… decided to put it aside for a moment when I wasn’t feeling so terrified.

    But yeah – most of his stuff is really really great.

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