My votes in the Hugo Artist categories

Best Fan Artist is the only category which was left un-piddled on by the slatemongers. As usual, it's a mixture of familiar names and new; also as usual, I find the new ones more interesting. And they managed to get on the ballot with no need for an organised campaign…

My ranking:

5) Steve Stiles
4) Brad Foster
3) Niini Aalto
2) Spring Schoenhuth
1) Elizabeth Leggett

My ranking is very similar to that of Joe Sherry. He is rather mercilessly wielding “No Award” after his top two. Certainly I too am being more merciless than usual in voting “No Award” this year, and not only on the slate candidates; I may also put it third, but I will also rank those finalists that I put below “No Award” in this category.

For Best Professional Artist, there is only one non-slate finalist, Julie Dillon. I'll be honest; I prefer at least one of the other artists to her, but I am voting for “No Award” against any finalist whose place on the ballot has been secured as part of a political campaign by a racist misogynist. This does not reflect on the artists themselves, whose interests and motives do not concern me here. But I'm taking the reflections of Matt Foster very seriously, and I think I will simply vote 1) No Award, 2) Julie Dillon this year. We have been denied a proper vote in this category, as in so many others.

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