My worldcon programme

I’m rather pleased about most of this:

Thursday 6:00pm  The Digital Divide
       Jon Courtenay Grimwood
       Christopher Rowe
       Don Sakers
       Renee Sieber
       Nicholas Whyte
Are we rushing to build a web-enabled society that disenfranchises those unable or unwilling to adopt the online lifestyle? Governments justify the push for e-services on the basis of cost savings, but even aside from privacy considerations, what are the implications for those happy with society as it is?

I admire both JCG and Chris Rowe’s writing. Dunno who the other two are, but will now find out!

 Friday  11:00am  The High Frontiersmen
       Keith DeCandido
       Ken MacLeod
       Ian McDonald
       Nicholas Whyte
   Is it inevitable that space will become the next battleground for geopolitics?

Excellent topic, and one that I’d been planning to read up on anyway – I love both Ken and Ian’s work, and I guess I can provide a voice from the professional international politics community.

 Friday  12:00 noon Dr. Who retrospective: The Best Years
       Chris Barkley
       Paul Cockburn
       Paul Cornell
       Kathryn Sullivan
       Nicholas Whyte
   What were the best years of Dr. Who?  While part of the discussion can include “who made the best Doctor,” it goes beyond that.  Which years had the best scripts?  The best set-ups (e.g, comparing the UNIT years with the more free-wheeling years with the years that included major arcs).

Am a little awed by being asked to speak on this. Really, if anyone feels they would do a better job, I’ll give up my place to them. (And then heckle from the audience…)

 Saturday11:00am  Byzantium at our Borders in the 21st century: the Future of Europe.
       Keith Brooke
       Jon Courtenay Grimwood
       Patrick J. Gyger
       Irma HirsjSrvi
       Nicholas Whyte   (M)
   Would we have had to [have] had a different past to have a different future? What would be the consequences if “recognition of Europe’s Christian heritage” is inserted into the constitution.

Of course, the constitution per se may well be dead as a doornail by this time next week… but this may turn into a rather interesting AH panel. Shouldn’t be too difficult to moderate.

 Sunday  10:00am  Is the American Empire on the Verge of Collapse?
       Ken MacLeod
       Patrick Nielsen Hayden
       Lawrence Person
       Robert Silverberg
       Nicholas Whyte

A strange glyph in my email indicates that I may be expected to moderate this, which on the one hand makes me feel I am not worthy, I am not worthy but on the other hand sounds really pretty exciting. Apart from the fact that it’s at 10 am on the Sunday…

 Sunday   2:00pm  Is The Future Asian? (1.5 hrs)
       Mari (Tatsumi ) Kotani
       Glenda Larke
       Klaus ¦. Mogensen
       Cristina Pulido Ulvang
       Nicholas Whyte
       Liz Williams   (M)
   What is the impact on the economy, ecology and military of the re-emergenct China on the West? As the Chinese economy grows, there is a greater need for natural resources and the competition for these resource[s] will increase. How does [this] affect the policies of each country?

I’ve begged to be let off this one as I don’t really know much about Asia, let alone China.

 Monday  11:00am  The World We are Making Now: Politics
       Claire Brialey
       John-Henri Holmberg
       Klaus ¦. Mogensen
       Caroline Mullan   (M)
       Nicholas Whyte
   Today’s adults are setting the stage for the next half-century. Our careers, our causes, and the decisions we take now will determine both [who] has power half a century hence and what they will use that power to do. What kind of world is being made now?

A good forward-looking panel into which I can inject some of my ideas (inflicted on some of you over the last few months) about careers and choice in the 21st century.

Right, guess I better get on with adding those of my co-panellists on livejournal to my friends list…

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  1. I actually really liked Back to the Vortex, mostly for the first half you seem to have found a slog. For me, it was a joyous recreation of those early moments of the new series. The episode guide leaves a lot to be desired, though, especially the overwhelming number of reviews with weirdly specific topics. Second Flight was worse, since the second season just doesn’t have an interesting narrative, and once Stephen James Walker came in, I quit, partially since he has a tendency to pre-judge change as a negative. (There’s a lot of “When Donna comes in next year it is gonna SUCK” in Third Dimension.) Though Walker’s Inside the Hub is a very insightful look at Torchwood the made me reevaluate a lot of episodes, his second volume was fanboyism of the worst kind. I think I’m done with guidebooks that only cover thirteen episodes at a time.

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