My year on Livejournal

As noted last year, Livejournal continues to subside as a medium of communication. Certainly I am consciously new using it as an archive first, and active platform for dialogue very much second. I am still way behind on book reviews, mainly because I am spending spare moments reading through the submissions for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, but partly also because little U has developed a passion for the home computer and it is a little heart-breaking to boot her off it for Daddy’s Turn.

Last year, 23 posts got 10 or more comments; this year it was only 18, and I’m not terribly proud of the Hugo snark ones which are the majority from the first half of 2014. The full list is:

31 December 2013: What should I read in 2014? – 28 comments
19 April 2014: Hugos and Retro Hugos: GoodReads / LibraryThing stats – 13 comments
21 April: “Opera Vita Aeterna”, by Vox Day: Latin lessons – 10 comments
6 May: Question inspired by Larry Correia’s Warbound [How do you pronounce “hypothesis”?] – 11 comments
10 May: Science fiction and fantasy set in Ireland [Why are people linking to something I wrote years ago?] – 12 comments
27 May: May Books 7) Parasite, by “Mira Grant” – 10 comments
28 May: Best Novel 2014 Hugos [my votes] – 15 comments
13 June: Test your browser’s alphabet recognition – 19 comments
29 June: Dialect quiz – 13 comments
1 July: Dialect answers – 16 comments
2 July: “Mars is the eighth and latest republic to be attached to the Soviet Union” [quibble with a John Wyndham story] – 11 comments
30 July: There are less than 34 hours left to vote for the Hugos. This is how some people are voting. – 11 comments
22 August: The three coolest things that happened to me at Worldcon – 14 comments
4 September: The mysterious world of – 10 comments
22 September: The by-election in the House of Lords – 18 comments
23 September: [locked post about meeting a politician] – 12 comments
9 November: Poppies, St Paul’s and Pepys – 17 comments
6 December: Richard III’s mtDNA and and Y chromosomes – 11 comments
15 December: UK coalition reality check [re Northern Ireland parties in the next parliament] – 13 comments

I suspect that next year’s list (if I do one) will be thinner again. Compare the equivalent entries for 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, and 2005.