My year on social media – Twitter

Most retweeted, a massive 412, well ahead of the field – and original content too! – was a comment on the Hugo awards, picked up particularly by Vann R. Newkirk II (@fivefifths), The Grugq (@thegrugq), Cindy Gallop (@cindygallop) and Harper Reed (@harper) which put it on a cumulated 650,000 potential impressions, the second highest for the year, and also got the most replied:

Second most retweeted: my comment on a Guardian report on British foreign policy in the new age of expert-free policy-making:

Third most retweeted, definitely not my original content unfortunately, but very funny:

Fourth highest, but with the most potential impressions (771,000) entirely due to being picked up by Graham Linehan (@glinner) was also not original content but a very interesting story about Chuck Tingle (to which I added a one-word comment):

The highest number of replies was 15, to two posts: the Boris Johnson piece already mentioned above, and my 22 March post.

Still alive.

I’ve switched my primary blog to Dreamwidth. Feel free to comment here or there, but I will see it more quickly there.

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  1. This picture of Nine makes it look like he has a huge afro and long earring….

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