Nebula nominees

As seen in SF Signal:

Novels: The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner is owned by more LibraryThing users than any two other nominees combined.

Novellas: only four??? One of those by Michael Burstein??? And the panel couldn’t bring themselves to add anything else???

Novelettes: again, interesting that the jury couldn’t bring themselves to add anything. Peter S. Beagle has a shot at winning the Hugo/Nebula double, the only one of last year’s Hugo winners to be on the short list (Spin having been pruned from the long list).

Short Stories: haven’t read any of them yet, except helen Remembers the Stork Club, downloaded from FictionWise and read in new York last week (and by coincidence, it is set there). Will report back.

Scripts: Go Doctor Who!

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  1. I read it yonks ago and absolutely loved it. The sequel is a bit disappointing, btw, just in case you’re tempted.

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