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The Concordance Feature:

The 100 most used words (presumably excluding obvious pronouns, articles, short verbs and conjunctions) in Science, Colonialism and Ireland are:

1921  1922  academy  activities  agriculture  although  art  ascendancy  astronomical  astronomy  between  british  buildings  case  catholic  century  church  collection  college  colonial  colonialism  committee  corcoran  council  culture  dati  de  department  development  dublin  during  education  even  fact  first  fisheries  geological  george  government  history  however  institutions  interest  ireland  irish  john  later  may  members  museum  national  nationalism  nationalist  natural  new  nineteenth  now  number  observatory  own  papers  part  particular  perhaps  period  plunkett  political  pp  professor  protestant  published  rather  rds  report  research  royal  science  scientific  scientists  see  seems  should  society  staff  state  students  studies  survey  teaching  three  time  tradition  trinity  two  ucd  unionist  university  war  work  years 

Two books are highlighted as being on “related topics” – though they are completely different: Defenders of the Union, a very expensive collection of papers on unionism edited by George Boyce and Alan O’Day, and The Garland Encyclopedia of Astronomy – which, ironically, contains an article by me on a subject completely unrelated to Science, Colonialism and Ireland.

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  1. We’re logging all these issues and sticking them on the ‘to do’ list. Removal of the price tag is definitely up there and we’ll address the default settings on wishlists too. The shared URL also needs addressing as we can’t expect you to keep books in your wishlist in perpetuity…

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