New job option

The European Parliament is looking for someone to do a five-year contract job, working on European Security and Defence Policy. It’s an entry-level position, so the pay is only a little more than I get now, and I don’t think I’d take it on the terms offered; but if they could see their way to bumping me up a grade or two in view of my experience I would be very interested. I’ve often been very critical of the European Parliament (which I generally really like as an institution) for not knowing what it is talking about on these issues, and this is an opportunity to make a difference from the inside. So I’ll fill in the insanely complicated form and see what happens…

One thought on “New job option

  1. It’s one fo the reasons I’m not that keen on a directly elected HoL. I’ve always preferred the idea of a mixed 2nd chamber, some selected by sortition, some from lower tiers of Govt (Holyrood, Belfast, Cardiff, Primary LAs) and some from large membership interest groups.

    The latter is normally what confuses people–essentially replace the Bishops with reps of, say, the hundred biggest civic society membership organisations, which can include churches, but also other associations, like environmental groups, etc.

    But the politicians think an elected chamber is the only thing they can justify to voters, I liked the LD policy (citizen’s convention selected by sortition, might possibly like that selection method if they see it works), but that was unlikely to ever be implemented.

    At least it looks like it’ll be STV by region, electing in thirds, on long single terms, so it will be very different to the Commons.

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