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Thanks to ‘s tips, I’ve managed to sort out one of the problems on my language quiz. Basically, one sentence which combined different alphabets looked wrong in Mozilla and Firefox, though it came out OK in Internet Explorer – the sentence should read (and now does read)

עזור ל-Tails לאסוף את כל הבננות. בהצלחה !

but I was having huge difficulty in persuading the exclamation mark to get to the end of the line, the previous version read

עזור ל-! Tails לאסוף את כל הבננות. בהצלחה

I think the lesson for me is that unless you specify your language, and give your browser very clear instructions about which bits are LTR and which RTL, you can expect to have problems. Anyway I’m very pleased with the result, it’s enabled me to strip out large amounts of code from the language quiz which I was scared of touching because I didn’t know what would happen if I changed it.

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