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    Off-LJ Links
    The artist euclase has a drawing of the Doctor with two hearts
    The Doctor Who News Page has a round-up of Who actor-related news — including the discovery of a 1962 television play staring Patrick Troughton and Colin Baker’s tour as Inspector Morse
    The web comic, “Doctor Who: Outrage” has been updated.
    BlogtorWho has a small update on Series Six filming (Includes spoilers, naturally)
    2Entertain confirms that the Fourth Doctor story “Megolos” will be the first DVD release for 2011, with a simultaneous release in both the UK and the US
    Female First reports that correspondence has been uncovered that shows JNT wanted Prince Edward to appear in “The Silver Nemesis” (Seventh Doctor) for the show’s 25th anniversary.
    BlogtorWho shows off new Christmas merchadise ready to empty your pocket.
    It’s Judoon Week over on the official BBC site
    The Big Finish Podcast for September, featuring Colin Baker, has been released.
    The Pharos Project releases Episode 21: “Half Human, My Arse,” taking a look at the 1996 television movie.
    Shadowlocked reviews “The Ark in Space” (Fourth Doctor)
    The Daily Drew discusses “Rose” (Ninth Doctor)
    Doc Oho’s Big Finish Audio Reviews has Zagreus (Eighth Doctor)
    Life & TImes of Awesome Pants has a Dalek Costume Tutorial (and some regrets)
    Digital Spy reports that “kids will freak” over one of the episodes in Series Six (Spoilers)
    Rose D’Or has an interview with Mike Dicks, digital specialist, regarding Doctor Who and the convergence of TV and multiplatform.

    ((news via , , , and among others)

    Discussion and Miscellany
    has Whoniversaries for September 14 […]

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