No “Chicks Dig Time Lords” for me

I thought I’d done really well by pre-ordering Chicks Dig Time Lords: A Celebration of “Doctor Who” by the Women Who Love It from The Book Depository well in advance. But they sent me an email just now to say that they have run out of stock already! – and publication date I think was yesterday! Bah. Have emailed one of the Brussels bookshops to see if they can order it in somehow.

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1 Response to No “Chicks Dig Time Lords” for me

  1. inulro says:

    From the Galloway article;

    “I’d answer the door around election time,” she said, “and the Labour man would say: ‘Is your dad in?’ or: ‘Can I speak to your husband?'”

    I….huh….WTF? That is so staggeringly racist, and sexist, and Bad and Wrong on so many levels, that I need some time to process.

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