Not liking Mondays

This was the day when I decided to start job-hunting again. I’ve stayed where I am maybe a bit too long; the organisation and I are not going in the same direction; expectations on both sides are not being matched.

First job application went off today; others will follow, as will an assiduous networking campaign. Updates here as and when I feel like it.

On the plus side, Loncon 3 memberships have steamed through a couple of milestones (3000 adult attending, 4000 total in all categories) and also my cousin Jane had a baby boy whose name is Nicolas (named after someone else, I’m sure, but gratifying all the same).

One thought on “Not liking Mondays

  1. £37 million divided by 163,250 cases gives an average cost per case of £226.65. Even if you only count the cases they won, it’s around £460 per case won. So if the claim is for more than £10 per week it’s economical to fight the case. I’m surprised it only cost them £37M though. I suspect there’s some costs being fudged there.

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