November Books 1) Nightdreamers, by Tom Arden

Catching up now with my November bookblogging. I won’t waste too much time on this one; a Third Doctor / Jo story from the rather variable Telos novella range, which attempts to retell A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Whovian terms. Neil Gaiman has tackled this better, and the original is of course better yet.

One thought on “November Books 1) Nightdreamers, by Tom Arden

  1. Poor Brussels! I quite enjoyed the two days I spent there some twenty-odd years ago, although what I remember most vividly (besides the 4th of July celebration at our hotel featuring a Zydeco band and hilarious Francophone cowboys) was buying a bunch of French-language Asterix comics and drinking a lot of excellent coffee. So, you know, Brussels was pretty much my 16-year-old self’s idea of heaven. 😉

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