November Books

Non-fiction 5 (YTD 66)
Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale – the Final Chapter, by Russell T. Davies and Benjamin Cook
The Love Letters of Henry VIII
The Cyprus Question and the EU, by Andreas Theophanous
Shakespeare (the illustrated edition), by Bill Bryson
Elizabeth and Essex, by Lytton Strachey

Fiction (non-sf) 5 (YTD 48)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain
The Thorn Birds, by Colleen McCullough
Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel
The Other Boleyn Girl, by Philippa Gregory

The Inheritance of Loss, by Kiran Desai

SF (non-Who) 6 (YTD 68)
The Thunderbirds Bumper Story Book, by Dave Morris
Analog 6, edited by John W. Campbell Jr
The Dervish House, by Ian McDonald
The Book of Lost Tales I, by J.R.R. Tolkien, edited by Christopher Tolkien
Ten Thousand Light-Years From Home, by James Tiptree, Jr.
Utopia, by Thomas More

Doctor Who 8 (YTD 64)
The Coming of the Terraphiles, by Michael Moorcock
The Doctor Who Annual 1976
Lucifer Rising, by Andy Lane and Jim Mortimore
System Shock, by Justin Richards
Wolfsbane, by Jacqueline Rayner
Doctor Who Annual 1977
Placebo Effect, by Gary Russell
White Darkness, by David McIntee

Comics 2 (YTD 17)
Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together, by Bryan Lee O’Malley
Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall, by Bill Willingham

6/25 (YTD 57/263) by women (McCullough, Mantel, Gregory, Desai, ‘Tiptree’/Sheldon, Rayner)
2/25 (YTD 20/263) by PoC (Desai, O’Malley)
12 owned for more than a year (The Love Letters of Henry VIII, Utopia, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn [reread], The Cyprus Question and the EU, Thunderbirds Bumper Storybook, Analog 6, Placebo Effect, Lucifer Rising, The Thorn Birds, Ten Thousand Light Years From Home, The Other Boleyn Girl, 1001 Nights of Snowfall)
One reread (YTD 22/263)
~7,500 pages (YTD ~83,400)

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