November Books 25) White Darkness, by David McIntee

A relatively rare example of a historical novel in the New Adventures series, taking the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Benny to Haiti on the eve of the US invasion of 1914. It is a combination of the Tardis crew getting to grips with the setting and Lovecraft pastiche, done for shudders rather than giggles – the zombies turn out to be linked to the Great Old Ones (though there is also a character from New England whose name is Howard Philips). Clearly well-researched on the Haitian background, and good coordination of the three main characters doing what they are good at. Decent stuff.

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  1. Thanks – I may be visiting Brussels in the next year or so with family, and that’s a very useful guide – and blog link – to have!

    (The Xtranormal video is also very entertaining.)

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