November Books 4) Olympos

4) Olympos, by Dan Simmons

Crumbs, what a disappointment. I really liked Ilium, the first book in this story of a Trojan War being replayed against a science-fictional background. But the sequel is rambling, self-indulgent and most importantly fails to satisfactorily explain What Is Really Going On. For 690 pages. Ray warned meWRONG: But if thee wishes to monitor your beloved’s life or death…
RIGHT: But if thou wishest to monitor thy beloved’s life or death…

WRONG: When your lover’s condition changeth, thee shall know it now. (corrected – I originally typed “you shall”)
RIGHT: When thy lover’s condition changeth, thou shalt know it now.

WRONG: One of thee three…
RIGHT: One of you three… or One of ye three

I also spotted a reference to John Keat’s [sic] “Ode to a Nightingale”.

Don’t bother with this one folks.

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