Now, this really *is* a good idea

Do the quiz, fill in your answers (being much more frank than you normally would dare to be), and then press “reload” to scramble the questions but keep the old answers! (Thanks to and .)

The Random Question Meme!

An array of completely random questions about my friends!

What does think of America’s involvement in Iraq?
Probably not.
What will be like in twenty years?
Not the ones she chose for WorldCon!
What historical figure does most remind you of?
No idea; I don’t really understand her posts.
Is hiding under your bed right now?
Actually I think we’re pretty much on the same wavelength, though I think about it more than she does.
What do you find admirable about ?
Neither. Both are destined for greater things.
If and were superheroes, which one would be the sidekick?
As far as I know she’s gay, so I think it’s unlikely to happen.
Have you ever seen naked?
She writes about almost everything in her life, but not that. However I imagine that maternity bras may come into it.
What do and have in common?
Have only seen her once, and then it was short.
Doesn’t have anything better to do?
Discuss precisely what she means about her views of sexuality.
When was the last time you talked to ?
Well, me obviously!

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