October Books 7) Doctor Who: A Celebration, by Peter Haining

Somehow I never got hold of this lovely reference book on the first 20 years of Doctor Who when it was first published in 1983. Most of the material is of course familiar to me from many other sources, but there is a particularly nice piece by Barry Letts, who died only a few days ago. Lots of good illustrations too. Shame that Haining didn’t get any contribution from Philip Hinchcliffe or Robert Holmes, but the pieces by Terrance Dicks and John Nathan-Turner are also above average.

One thought on “October Books 7) Doctor Who: A Celebration, by Peter Haining

  1. There were a couple of falsities in the meme so that I didn’t even bother to watch the video.

    Limbaugh did speak in favor at the LRA, but got called out about it and backed down quickly. Also, the BBC, at least has been reporting on the LRA (I think NPR has, too, but I get them conflated), so the claim that this is something no one is paying attention to just wasn’t true.

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