Once More, with Answers

Am struck that only Europe-based readers have had a go. Are my readers elsewhere not so much into Buffy? Or not so much into quizzes?

1) What was the address Buffy gave when she phoned for an ambulance in ‘The Body’? 1630 Revello Drive – well done, and .

2) Who was Xander’s best man in ‘Hells Bells’? Willow – well done, , , and .

3) Which episode was Dawn introduced in? The correct answer is “Buffy vs Dracula”, as she does appear and have one line (“Moooooooooommm!”) at the end of the episode. The contestant said “The Real Me” which was understandable but incorrect. Well done, , , , and .

4) Who did Anya think was she engaged to in ‘Tabula Rasa’? Giles – well done, , , , and .

5) How did principal Flutie die in ‘The Pack’? Eaten by his students – well done, , , and .

6) How did Buffy kill the Judge? With a rocket launcher – well done, , , and (more or less) .

7) How did Buffy prove that Kathy was a demon in ‘Living Conditions’? Her toenail clippings kept growing – only got this exactly right; and gave an answer that is close but not 100%. I just watched this episode a few weeks ago and had completely forgotten this point.

8) What did Anya think apart from bunnies might be causing the singing in ‘Once More With Feeling’? Midgets – well done, , and . ‘s answer rather stunned me until I realised she was answering the next question. , no, that’s what Xander thought it might be.

9) What was Ted’s job? computer salesman – nobody got this, both and (in her answer to #8) being close but not quite there. It’s one of the very few epsiodes I haven’t actually seen, so I have an excuse. The contestant on Mastermind answered correctly.

10) What was the name of the oracle that Giles and Anya consulted in ‘Showtime’? Beljoxa’s Eye – the contestant got this completely wrong; only got it, with close and a bit further off.

11) In which episode did Giles and Joyce kiss, Buffy drive a car and the doctor body surfed? “Band Candy”, of course; well done , , and .

12) How many hearts did the Gentlemen have to get in ‘Hush’? Seven – sorry, , , and .

13) What happened to Amber the cheerleader in ‘The Witch’? Her hands caught fire – well done, and had the right episode but wrong character.

14) Who played Joyce? Kristine Sutherland – well done, , and will be kicking herself.

15) What kind of statue did Brad steal for Harmony in ‘Real Me’? A unicorn – well done, , and .

16) What was the name of the character who was Buffy’s boyfriend between Angel and Riley? Parker Abrams – well done and , the time-frame is important here I think!

17) What three word message did Ethan Rayne leave behind in ‘Halloween’? Be Seeing You – well done and .

I won’t be so ungentlemanly as to give final scores, but thanks for playing.

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