One book I won’t buy

Bookshopping in London yesterday, my eye was caught by the Mammoth Book of Mind-Blowing Science Fiction, edited by Mike Ashley. I have been suspicions of the Mammoth Books of anything sfnal since the publication of George Mann’s pisspoor Encyclopedia (I confess I have no idea if the two are related), so didn’t bother even looking inside.

It turns out that if I had looked inside, I might have spotted the rather peculiar choice of authors. Luckily others have done so for me, so I don’t need to worry any more about whether I might want to buy it.

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One thought on “One book I won’t buy

  1. We’d surely seen his fighting abilities before? (In Jingo, a quick google reminds me.) We see more of him in Snuff than before, but I didn’t feel it was a huge advance from what we already knew. Did you?

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