One bright spot

While Kosovo is calm but pulverised, over the other side of the Black Sea the situation in Ajara appears to have calmed down considerably, in a process helped by internationals but largely brokered by the locals themselves. This is a good thing.

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  1. lonemagpie says:

    John Levene’s actually the best thing about Android Invasion because (for the second time) he *doesn’t* fall prey to McIntee’s First Law Of Acting (which states that, when called upon to play an evil alternate/possessed version of their usual character, a performer will forget how to act and treat it as an excuse to goof around and chew the scenery.) In Who, about the only actors who don’t do this are Levene, Nick Courtney, and (bizarrely) Rani’s mum in SJA, who was *better* when possessed by the veil than she *normally* is!

    As for music being too light hearted for the scenes – Seeds Of Doom has nothing on The Chase, when the episode title “The Executioners” comes up to the accompaniment of rinky-tinkly-tink on Deadly Dudley’s piano…

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