One load off my mind

We finally published the Georgia report a few minutes ago. One of the last minutes hiccups was how to spell the first name of Saakashvili, the leader of the revolution. I managed to transliterate his name to სააკაშვილი, did a Google and found that his first name appears to be მიხეილ – the fourth letter is definitely an e, and the third almost always transliterated kh, so Mikheil.

And then someone pointed out that he had a piece in yesterday’s Financial Times that spells his name Mikheil; and since he speaks fluent English he presumably knows which version is right, so I hardly needed to bother…

One thought on “One load off my mind

  1. I look forward to reading the Twelve Doctors of Christmas! However, honestly, I have to comment about this, because it really gets on my nerves… why in the world is Paul Cornell writing about the Third Doctor?? Back in the day, his attitude was that one could be a McCoy fan or a Pertwee fan, but not both (because the Seventh Doctor was anarchistic and the Third was Establishment because he, gasp, worked with the military). That would leave me with no place in fandom (well, that’s nothing new), because I loved both the Seventh and the Third. (And the Second, and the Fourth… well, most of them, though I tend to want to club the Tenth over the head most of the time.) If he’s gotten over the incredible posturing, then I’ll be willing to read him. Otherwise, I’ll skip it.

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