One to look out for

Fasinating piece from Transitions On-Line describing a new film about Šuto Orizari, The Shutka Book of Records. It is indeed an extraordinary place – I visited during the conflict in 2001 – and my friend Thammy Evans describes it memorably in her book. Knowing the politics of it all I’m not surprised that the film has drawn some controversy. I note, however, the sensible comments of one guy from an extremely credible NGO quoted in TOL, “The protests should be directed towards the bad policies of Roma parties that are not able to deal with the problems of the Romani community.” I’ll be looking out for this.

One thought on “One to look out for

  1. Well, indeed, your first comment was so badly worded that I thought you were referring to Gordy’s book.

    Clearly Pavlovic makes a valid comparison.

    I don’t understand your last point, and I am not very interested anyway.

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