Yesterday was supposedly a day off (Whit Monday) but I felt the pressure of work so went into the office anyway.

Big mistake.

It was quite a cool day outside, but we are on the 24th (top) floor, and as it was a public holiday the airconditioning was off. My office catches the full glare of the sun in early afternoon, and I was actually glad when a PhD student interrupted my lack of progress for a chat about the process of state collapse. Though in the end my thoughts were so mazy from heat and carbon dioxide poisoning that all I could do was give her two contacts who knew more about the subject than me.

I made two important management decisions but did none of the writing I had planned for myself, went home at 4 pm and slept for three hours, followed by the usual disturbed night. I’m working from home this morning.

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  1. andrewducker says:

    That’s shocking! I hope the police took it seriously.

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