Have promised my friend in Berlin 1600 words on EU enlargement fatigue, and the same or more on Zoran Živković, by end of week. Problem is, I am in Greece on Friday, leaving late Thursday and returning very early Saturday; and there is a Georgian Embassy reception tomorrow as their prime minister is in town. So that leaves this evening, or the weekend.

You know what? It’s awfully warm, Brazil are playing Croatia, I’m pretty tired, so I think it’s going to be the weekend. ‘s deadline is the 19th anyway. Berlin will just have to wait. (In fact, the entire city appears to be watching the match.)

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  1. owlfish says:

    It came as something of a shock to read your post and find out that John North has died – and two-and-a-half years ago at that! I feel remarkably out of it to not have heard in all that time, given I have cited him in conference papers in that interval, and had been recently thinking that it had been long enough since his last that surely he had another book due out, and I would need to consult with him should I ever go back to a particular project. Only, of course, I can’t now. I’m glad you mentioned it.

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