Orthography poll results

Everyone can see the incorrect Romanian ţ, Greek τ, Cyrillic т and ќ, and, interestingly, Hebrew ת and Arabic ﺕ (so standard installation obviously includes weird Cyrillic as well as standard Cyrillic, Latin, Hebrew and Arabic).

Two-thirds of you can see the Georgian თ and Armenian տ (and if you can see one you can see the other).

About 60% of you can see the correct Romanian ț. It’s odd that this character, used by ten times as many people as the Macedonian ќ, is not more widely supported.

About half of you can see the Han 偸.

Very few of you – about one in six – can see the Cherokee Ꮦ and the Ogham ᚈ. (I can’t see either myself; my screen just shows question marks.)

Two of you, both living in Edinburgh, can see the Cherokee Ꮦ but not the Ogham ᚈ – why is Edinburgh more tuned in to Cherokee than to Ogham?

An interesting experiment. Thank you all for participating, and please excuse the font fascism of this entry.

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  1. mountainkiss says:

    My father, who worked in Nigeria during the 1960s, used to make us Nigerian rice cakes and chop suey. I don’t think it can be true that he ate that every day for five years, but it’s more or less the way he tells the story.

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