First serious attack of mouth ulcers in almost a year, brought on (I’m pretty sure) by skipping breakfast two days of last week, aftermath of minor car crash two weeks ago, and pile-up of work after a week of travel. Have been trying the steroid paste with no success at all. Now switching to straight painkillers plus tea-tree oil mouthwash. May not heal them any faster but my mouth smells nice. (I hope.)

One thought on “Ow

  1. I have a charger at my desk in work as well as at home

    You;’re office based. This time last year, most of my work was out and about delivering leaflets and similar.

    I used my Sony, then my Nokia when I upgraded, regularly, for the maps service, and fairly regular phone calls with occasional email checking.

    There is no way I could even consider a Desire with the battery life as is if I’m going to do that sort of work again, which is likely, paid or unpaid, spending a day delivring leaflets is normal.

    If a phone can’t be trusted to keep a charge for a workign day, it’s not a mobile phone. Which is a massive shame, as technically, it’s a lovely bit of kit. Maybe in a few years HTC will be ready as a company to make consumer facing products and provide customer service.

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