Ow continued

It’s been a grim couple of weeks on the dental front. As reported previously, I went to the dentist two weeks ago for her to look at my upper left second molar (the upper left first molar was capped last year). She gave me mouthwash and painkillers to kill off the gum infection, and then did the root canal on Monday, filling half the tooth (commenting on how twisty my nerves were). As I left, feeling slightly euphoric in my morphine-induced daze, she said that if things didn’t get better she would have to look at the premolar on the other side of the capped tooth. Had a terrible night with pain that evening and went back to her first thing Tuesday. She drilled out the roots of the premolar, and put in a temporary filling which she then replaced properly on Thursday. At that point she also gave me antibiotics as my jaw is inflamed from some horrible infection. I am therefore off booze until Wednesday, and it still bloody hurts. The dentist expressed the hope that the antibiotics would sort it out, but I could tell that she wasn’t convinced, and she muttered about how I might need some more thorough investigation of my jaws in the New Year. Ow.

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  1. andrewducker says:

    It sounds very difficult – and they look very happy.

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