Paper Girls, by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang

Lower part of first page of third chapter:

I've been very much enjoying Saga, also by Vaughan but with a different artist; not quite sure where I picked up the fact that this might be worth reading, but I got it when in Portland and read it a week or so ago. The setting is small-town America in a fully detailed 1988, with four twelve-year-olds diverted from their early morning newspaper delivery run to deal with – time travellers? aliens? both? The period detail for 1988 is well realised, and it's also clear in a Buffy-like way that the sfnal goings-on are far from the only problems in the protagonists' lives. Chiang captures personality and horror equally well; I do still miss Fiona Staples' art from Saga, but this will do for now.

This was both the top unread comic and the top unread book by a PoC (Chiang) on my unread shelves. The next in the former list is V for Vendetta, recently acquired but never read; the next in the latter is the AfroSF anthology edited by Ivor Hartmann.