Parliamentary sauce

From a House of Commons committee meeting of 1 March 2001:

Simon Hughes: Probably every single person in the Room—including members of the Committee, Officers of the House, civil servants and visitors—has played the game of trying to get an illegal drink or two before reaching the age of 18. [HON. MEMBERS: “Oh.”] Methinks my colleagues protest too much. I was not even referring to the leader of the Conservative party—who did it all the time according to his own reminiscences—but speaking for myself.

Jackie Ballard (Taunton): Only you can do that.

Simon Hughes: Indeed.

It was part of school life to go to places that were out of bounds and where one could buy cigarettes and drink. I shall not mention the third thing, but that was available too, if one looked in the right place. It probably had more attraction than the other two for some people.

Charles Clarke: What?

Jackie Ballard: Sex.

Simon Hughes: My hon. Friend is helpful to the Minister, who is clearly innocent of such matters and must have had a delayed upbringing.

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