Pause for thought

Right, almost done with this phase of the trip. Met with various Senior Officials ealier today, and tonight dinner with a number of old friends including the deputy prime minister (who is 32 and taking time out from her postgraduate studies in nuclear physics to serve in the government). Then tomorrow back north to Kosovo for another conference, and finally home on Saturday evening.

I must say it’s very heartening to be in a country where the peace process has been as successful as it is here; politicians from all sidesappear to have bought into it and even to win elections on it. So much more encouraging than certain other cases that come to mind.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Atlas Meh-ed is a substantial chunk of dead tree to plough through. Anyone interested in finding out the essence of Ayn Rand’s thoughts should try get hold of ‘For The New Intellectual’, a book of extracts from her books and writings. Interesting, not only for the sociopathic creed she espouses but also for the many moments where her contempt for the poor and the weak (and the non-anglo-saxon) are vitriolically on show.

    Mike Cobley

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