Ursula has started singing, and doing the actions for, both “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round” and the Fimbles’ mega-hit, “We Close Our Eyes When We go To Sleep”.

The words are very far from perfect, and one can’t be at all sure what degree of meaning she is taking from them, but it really puts her significantly ahead of Bridget.

We’ve learnt over the six years we have been dealing with our children’s problems not to put too much hope into such up-ticks. But that doesn’t stop us from rejoicing in what we can get.

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  1. derien says:

    I didn’t even know of the existence of those Eight Doctor Adventure books until this evening when I spent HOURS reading the Tropes website. I want them, now! There’s an intimation that they might be available in PDFs somewhere on the Internets.

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