Places I’ve lived

April 1967 – summer 1984: Upper Lisburn Road, Belfast
   (but summer 1973 – summer 1974: William St, Stoneham, MA)
   (and summer 1979 – summer 1980: van Polanenpark, Wassenaar, Netherlands)
summer 1984 – summer 1985: Loughbrickland, Co Down
summer 1985 – summer 1986: Roebuck Road, Dublin
   (but October-November 1985: Raunds, Northamptonshire)
   (and December 1985-February 1986: Armagh)
   (and April-August 1986: Leingarten, Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
September 1986 – September 1991: Clare College, Cambridge
   (Specifically 1986/7 M11, Memorial Court;
   1987/8 14-16 Castle Street;
   1988/9 Wilflete Flat;
   1989-91 49 Chesterton Rd)
September 1991 – July 1992: Canterbury St, Belfast
July – September 1992: Ridgeway St, Belfast
September 1992 – September 1993: Alanbrooke Hall, Queen’s Elms, Belfast
September-November 1993: Hawthornden Mews, Belfast
November 1993-August 1995: Malone Rd, Belfast
August-October 1995: Jordanstown Rd, Newtownabbey (two different houses in the street during a two month period)
October 1995-January 1997: Serpentine Parade, Newtownabbey/Belfast
February-April 1997: ul. Kralja Alfonsa, Banja Luka, Bosnia
April 1997-May 1998: ul. Majke Jevrosime, Banja Luka, Bosnia
May-December 1998: ul. Sostariceva, Zagreb, Croatia
February 1999 – August 2001: Gehuchtstraat/Rue du Hameau, St Genesius Rode/Rode St Genese, Belgium

August 2001-present: here.

Crumbs, in the ten years before we moved to this house I had lived at 13 different addresses in four countries, and including three separate periods of a couple of months of crashing with friends or relatives between more permanent residences. I like to think we’ve achieved a bit more stability now.

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