I’ve signed up to this address-book management site, Plaxo. I’ve let it loose on my Outlook address book and have been very impressed by the results. On the other hand it’s going to be rather difficult to do on my non-work contacts because I use Eudora for my home email and have never bothered with the address book – which itself looks pretty clunky. I started last night trying to create an address book inside Eudora with the idea being that I would then somehow import it to Outlook at work and then integrate it with the Plaxo list. But Eudora crashed within a quarter of an hour, so I may have to try another tactic…

There seems to have been a lot of paranoia on some of the discussion boards about Plaxo. I have to say that for me the convincing thing was when the first two friends of mine using it turned out to be an American who administers large amounts of foreign aid for Africa and a European who has a sensitive political posting in the Caucasus. I reckoned if they felt it was secure enough for their needs, it is very unlikely to be unsatisfactory for me.

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  1. My own choices: Small Gods to me captures Pratchett’s humanism and humanity incredibly well, and is also as usual very funny; Anansi Boys is the only one of Gaiman’s mature novels that didn’t feel to me like an attempt to redo Sandman in a different medium.

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