Pleasant stuff!

I think it time for Dr Nicholas Whyte to be honest with himself and to the people he preaches too. I have a sneaking suspicion he is from the same school as other lobbyists and self named people helpers from the international community in Macedonia and abroad.

His interest in the Balkans is of one thing and that is of the same disease that spreads in this part of the world and that one thing is the big $ sign.

Its no surprise to anyone on this list it begun with paid mercenaries like the Mujahadeens who joined the Albanians in Kosovo and Macedonia these people even came from abroad like the Chechens, Afghans, Saudis PAKISTANIS even the legitimised Macedonian and Kosovo politicians and people like Davis Hicks from Australia and even the notorious MPRI Combat Military trainers who trained and armed the terrorist and who were paid with Afghan heroin profits.

And Back to the legitimate PEOPLE HELPERS like DR Nicholas Whyte who is no different to the American Red Cross, the very organisation that helped destabilise Macedonia in its momentum of weakness. Why continue this act of war, as you are the instigator paid by the devil.

Be Honest DR Nicholas Whyte how much lives will you risk for the $. Be honest and tell us of your illegal backyard deals with Terrorist and your monthly pay cheques into illegitimate accounts.

Gosh, I am as villainous as the American Red Cross now. Though I’ve no idea who Davis Hicks was. And I wish those large cheques were real, rather than the figments of deluded minds.

Yeah, I’m used to this kind of thing; comes as part of the job. It’s still a depressing insight into human nature.

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  1. That’s fairly consistent in the annuals, though unusual in the novelisations where he is usually ‘the Doctor’, as on screen. Peter Davison was the first lead actor to be credited as ‘the Doctor’ rather than ‘Doctor Who’.

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